23 Things for Archivists


Mentors are archivists who have volunteered to monitor the Meebo account to answer questions from participants, or—if they get stumped—forward the question to the full group of mentors for an answer. Mentors are also encouraged to read participants’ blogs and make comments, but mentors will not be assigned to specific participants.

If you are doing the program as a self-directed study, which means that you can start whenever it suits you and work at your own pace, you can still take advantage of the mentors by registering your blog (see Thing 1).

In addition to working through the program as RAO starts a group, or working at your own pace, you can also put together a group of your own of archivists who want to work together—they all work at the same institution; they all live in the same area and plan to meet for coffee on a regular basis to discuss their progress, etc.  If you want to work in your own group, please contact us before beginning—and be sure to register your blogs.

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