23 Things for Archivists

Beginning: Wrapping Up

If you’ve made it this far, the most important thing for you to do is to congratulate yourself. You’ve done a lot of stuff! And hopefully you’ve learned a lot too. We know that it’s been hard for a lot of you to keep up with the schedule, and that’s what we expected. We hope you keep trying to work your way through all the things—or at least the ones that interest you—at your own pace. This blog will continue to be available to you, and you can keep posting your progress on the blog you created for this project. You can continue to call on a mentor if you need help, of course.

For your last blog post, write up any final thoughts you want to share about the process, and what was most valuable for you. Are you going to use any of the “things” for your archives, or for your own personal use? What do you think about keeping your own blog going? Are there any other “Things” that we didn’t cover that you’re curious about?

What’s Next?

If you’ve enjoyed the first 23 Things for Archivists, we’ve now got 23 more Things! Check out the Intermediate: Things 24-46 program.

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