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Intermediate: Things 24-46

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What if I Want More Things?

Finished with the first 23 Things for Archivists? Already knew about those 23? Here’s your opportunity to learn about more Things!

Like the first 23 Things, this is a self- discovery program that allows participants to take control of their own learning. These are 23 more Web 2.0 “Things” for you to explore and experiment with to learn about the new and emerging technologies that are changing how information is used and created on the Internet today.

The normal “side” bar is at the bottom of each page. There you will find links to blogs you might want to use as resources, various ways to subscribe to 23 Things for Archivists, a link to RAO’s Facebook page, and a list of contributors.

Please go to the Intermediate page for more detailed titles and examples of the Things.

Thing 24: More Blogging (Tumblr)
Thing 25: Cloud Computing
Thing 26: Tagging/Folksonomies
Thing 27: Tag Clouds and Word Clouds
Thing 28: E-newsletters
Thing 29: More Social Networking (RockMelt)
Thing 30: Customized Home Pages
Thing 31: Screencasting
Thing 32: LibraryThing
Thing 33: More Photo Sharing
Thing 34: Google Maps/Mashups
Thing 35: Online Media Editing
Thing 36: Directory 2.0
Thing 37: Web Analytics
Thing 38: Organize Your Research Online
Thing 39: Print On Demand
Thing 40: Using Blogging Software for Website Development
Thing 41: Online Meeting Schedulers
Thing 42: Foursquare
Thing 43: More Social Bookmarking (Clipmarks)
Thing 44: QR Codes
Thing 45: Pinterest
Thing 46: HistoryPin