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Thing 47: Ask Archivists Day, June 9

In Twitter on 05/30/2011 at 11:07

June 9, 2011, will be “Ask Archivists Day” on Twitter. Archivists around the world will be monitoring Twitter to answer questions from people who tweet using #askarchivists at the end of their messages. So join your archives colleagues that day and help answer questions posed by the public. 

In case you don’t know it, June 9 is also International Archives Day, organized by the International Council on Archives (ICA).

If you or your archives wants to participate, simply enter your information in this open googledoc. The sponsors will use it to make a masterlist of participating archives.

If you have special knowledge or subject areas that you are particularly keen on, you can enter them too. But that is not necessary – all archivists are welcome, with or without special topics.

For more information, follow the AskArchivists blog right here on WordPress.

Follow the news on Twitter: #askarchivists and be there on June 9, 2011!