23 Things for Archivists

Thing 33: More Photo Sharing

Based on Minnesota’s More Things On a Stick

Your archival collections, your Flickr account or your archives’ Flickr account, or your digital camera card are all filled with great photos. This Thing will introduce tools that help you tell a story with those photos.

In the Beginning Things we spent some time exploring Flickr and other photo sites. Now, we want you to use those photos the photos you have in your Flickr account. Use your photos to tell a story with only pictures, maybe some music, and a few words or so. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words or so they say.

The Web is full of tools that make presentations using images easy to create and share. Here are few to get you started, but feel free to use other tools you have discovered.

If you don’t think you would ever do some of these things, especially with your archival images, think about what your users might be up to with your images! It’s always good to know about tools your patrons might be using to modify your images.

Slide Shows

  • Animoto – We did a whole Thing on this, so take a look at Thing 17 for information on Animoto.
  • BubbleShare helps you create a slide show and add audio or video captions, frames, and clip art.
  • Collagr creates a collage of Flickr photos.
  • One True Media is a way to create a “montage” of your photos, video clips, and music.
  • Photobucket
  • PictoBrowser creates a horizontal sliding slide show.
  • RockYou offers several free services, including slideshow creation, photo hosting, photo enhancement and more.
  • Slide creates slideshows easily and embed them on your site or social networking profile.
  • SlideRocket is a sophisticated presentation software.

Flickr Slide Shows

  • Flappr provides a gallery-like presentation of your pics or others from Flickr.
  • FlickrSlidr embeds the classic Flickr slideshows on your website or blog.  
  • Slideoo creates a horizontal slide show with Flickr photos.

Add Captions

Manipulate Your Photos

  • iPhoto is an Apple application.
  • Picasa is Google’s free photo editing software.
  • Picnik is a photo editor that has many ways to modify your photos. A reduced-feature version of Picnik is built into Flickr as a default photo editor.
  • Splashup photo editing tool.
  • TiltShift Maker makes your photos look like model miniatures.

Create Mosaics from Your Images


  1. If you haven’t done so, set up a Flickr account and upload your photos. For faster uploads, install Flickr Uploadr (download). You can use another photohosting service (Picasa, Photobucket, or any of dozens of other ones) if you prefer.
  2. Organize your photos into Sets or Albums or whatever your hosting service calls them.
  3. Create a story using one or more of the tools in the Learn section. You can use one of the tools that are part of Flickr or Picasa, too.
  4. Embed the story in your blog.

Blog Prompts

  • Which service did you use? Did it work smoothly?
  • Can youo see a use for this in your archives? At home?


  • Try more of the tools and share your stories in your blog.


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